Are black flamingos  real?

Yes, the Ultra-Rare Black Flamingo Is Real

Flamingos are pink, right? Wrong.

Well, not really wrong - normally right, actually. But not always right.

Flamingos are generally some shade of pink because of the food they eat, but sometimes they can be white or gray, especially as chicks during their first two-or-so years of life.

But it’s possible for them to have even more outlandish coloring: black.

That’s right, there is such a thing as a black flamingo.

It’s ultra rare, but sightings of black flamingos happen across the world from time to time.

In 2013, a black flamingo was found in Israel, opening the world up to the incredible phenomenon.

Two years later, a black greater flamingo was seen at the Akrotiri Environmental Center in Cyprus.

While black flamingos are extremely rare, it’s believable that there’s not so rare that there isn’t more than one living on earth.

But even if this isn’t the world’s only black flamingo, there can’t be too many out there. These two sightings are the only ones recorded in modern history.