Australia  celebrates space history on world's 1st coin minted in 2024

The world's first coin to be struck in 2024 highlights Australian space exploration history.

"Out of this World - Australia in Space" was chosen by the Royal Australian Mint as its 2024 theme "to showcase Australia's history and significance as one of the earliest nations to launch its own satellite."

The coin's reverse, or tails side, depicts an Australian astronaut on a spacewalk and the launch of WRESAT-1 on a modified U.S. Redstone rocket in 1967.

The satellite, which carried upper atmospheric radiation measurement experiments, established Australia as the seventh nation to put a satellite into orbit and

the third country to launch from its own territory, after the Soviet Union and United States.

he coin's design also includes Earth, with the Australian continent clearly visible, and the moon, the latter an homage to the country's role in relaying the live television signal during Apollo 11

and to an Australian-built robotic rover that will explore the lunar surface as part of NASA's Artemis program.