Diamond Mystery Solved: Earth's Sparkling Fountains Explained

After remaining a mystery for years, scientists have finally discovered how diamonds emerge from the surface of the Earth.

Diamonds get created in the upper mantle of the Earth's crust and if they do not shoot to the surface, which is called kimberlite eruptions, humans won't be able to find them.

The eruption is a mixture of water, rock, carbon dioxide and many important kimberlite materials – which include diamonds – reaching the surface in what is also called a 'fountain of diamonds' and can travel up to 83 miles per hour.

For a long time it has been a mystery what leads to such a 'fountain of diamonds and scientists from the University of Southampton, UK have finally got an answer.

After conducting research, the scientists concluded that the eruptions occur because of a major geological event in which tectonic plates get pulled apart.

One such event occurred when the supercontinent Gondwana was divided into two around 180 million years ago and led to the creation of South America and Africa as well as sparked a series of diamond eruptions 25 million years later.