How Many  Earths Can Fit  in Jupiter?

Jupiter is known as the “King of the Planets”, and for good reason.

For one, it is the largest planet in the Solar System, and is actually more massive than all the other planets combined.

Fittingly, it is named after the king of the Roman pantheon, the latinized version of Zeus (the king of the Olympian gods).

To break the whole size discrepancy down, Jupiter has a mean radius of 69,911 ± 6 km (60217.7 ± 3.7 mi).

Compared this to Earth’s mean radius of 6,371.0 km (3,958.8 mi), and you could say that Earth fits into Jupiter almost 11 times over (10.97 to be exact).

Jupiter has a volume of 1.43 x 1015 km³ (1,430 trillion cubic km; 343 trillion cubic mi) while Earth has a volume of 1.08 trillion km3 (259 million mi).

Divide the one by the other, and you get a value of 1299, meaning you could fit almost 1300 Earth’s inside Jupiter.

In short, the king of the planets is much, much, MUCH bigger than the planet we call home.

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