Multiverse: A Space Theory That Baffles Scientists

Is Our Universe One of Many? Our universe is gigantic. While its actual size is not known, the observable universe has a diameter of 28.5 gigaparsecs (93 billion light years).

But is our universe the only one, or are there other universes out there? This question has baffled scientists

What is The Multiverse? The multiverse is a hypothetical set of all universes. This concept has been discussed throughout history and has evolved.

Any Evidence that a Multiverse exists?There is no direct evidence of a multiverse. So far, the evidence supporting the idea of numerous universes is theoretical.

The Two Schools of ThoughtExperts are divided on two sides when it comes to debating the existence of a multiverse. 

As per a report by Nat Geo, some experts have argued that it might have been a coincidence that the Big Bang forged a perfectly balanced universe that is just right for our existence. 

However, others have said it is more likely that any number of physical universes exist, and we simply inhabit the one that is right for our survival.