NASA's Perseverance  Rover Explores  an Ancient River on 'Mars' 

Perseverance rover explores rocks in Jezero Crater, revealing the history of an ancient river delta on Mars.

Mission aims to find evidence of ancient life recorded in the Martian rocks.

360-degree panorama from Mastcam-Z instrument, taken at "Airey Hill," shows 2.38 billion pixels of the Martian landscape.

Panorama composed of 993 images, with distorted views of the rover visible at the edges.

Captured in November 2023, the panorama aids scientists in studying the terrain and geology of the Jezero Crater region.

A guided tour of the panorama is provided by Perseverance project scientist Ken Farley.

Color enhancement applied to the image increases contrast, helping scientists interpret the landscape under Earth-like lighting conditions.

Panorama can be explored and downloaded for further analysis, contributing valuable insights into Mars' ancient river delta history.