Quadrantids 2024: When to Watch Year's First Meteor Shower?

Quadrantids Meteor Shower 2024 The Quadrantids meteor shower has been active since December 12 and will continue to be active till January 12. There is a high chance that they will peak on January 4.

When to Watch Quadrantids Peak? The predicted peak of the year's first meteor shower is expected on Thursday (Jan 4) at around 7:53 am EST (12:52 GMT), as per EarthSky.

How Are Quadrantids Formed? The Quadrantids meteor shower happens due to asteroid EH1, which takes about 5.5 years to orbit around the Sun. The meteor shower happens when the Earth passes through the trail of debris left behind by the asteroid in the atmosphere.

Why Makes Quadrantids Special? The Quadrantids have the potential to be the strongest meteor shower of 2024, according to the American Meteor Society. Though it will last for just six hours, it will be a mesmerising spectacle.

Will it be Visible in India? Yes, the meteor showers will be visible in India. The best time to watch them from India will be around 12:07 am on each night till January 12. To watch the peak of Quadrantids, the suitable time would be around dawn on January 4.