‘Robot Dreams' Review : Pablo Berger's Android Buddy Film

"Robot Dreams" is a whimsical 1980s New York fantasy by Pablo Berger with anthropomorphic animals and sensitive automatons.

The film, based on Sara Varon's graphic novel, uses pastel 2D animation in a wordless, visually expressive style.

Nostalgia for Reagan-era New York is evident in the film's aesthetic, featuring roller discos and boomboxes.

Berger's departure from dialogue-driven storytelling is marked, contrasting with his previous work like "Blancanieves."

The protagonist, Dog, finds companionship with a responsive robot after ordering a build-your-own-robot kit.

Themes of love and companionship are explored, hinting at a degree of queer connection between Dog and the robot.

Challenges arise when the robot becomes immobile, leading to a poignant separation between Dog and his mechanical companion.

The film embraces a mature philosophy, suggesting there can be multiple soulmates in one's life, and finite relationships aren't necessarily failures.