SpaceX launches Swedish internet satellite to orbit

SpaceX launched a Swedish broadband satellite tonight (Jan. 3) on the company's second mission of 2024.

A Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Ovzon 3 satellite lifted off from Florida's Cape Canaveral Space Force Station tonight at 6:04 p.m. EST (2304 GMT).

The Falcon 9's first stage returned to Earth tonight as planned, touching down back at Cape Canaveral about eight minutes after liftoff.

It was the 10th launch and landing for this particular booster, according to a SpaceX mission description.

The Falcon 9's upper stage, meanwhile, continued carrying Ovzon 3 skyward

It deployed the spacecraft in geosynchronous transfer orbit about 38.5 minutes after launch as planned, SpaceX announced in a post on X.

Tonight's launch was the second of 2024 for SpaceX.

There will be many more liftoffs to come: SpaceX representatives have said the company aims to launch 144 orbital missions this year.

That would smash the SpaceX record of 96, which was set in 2023.